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Bay Area Metal Scene » Tours » Light This City Playing Farewell Shows This April

Light This City Playing Farewell Shows This April

San Francisco’s Light This City is playing what appears to be their “final tour.” If you recall from two years ago, the band, at what seemed to be their peak metal moment, “disbanded” and left fans saying, “Whaaaa?”

From their myspace bulletin:

It has been just about 2 years since Light This City came home from the Death Angel tour and decided to call it quits. Needless to say, it has been an exciting and interesting two years since we put a stop to the band, and since June of 2008 everyone in Light This City has started brand new awesome musical endeavors. That being said, we always knew we would get together one last time to thrash with all our amazing fans up and down California.  That time has come, and we are extremely excited to announce 4 “Final” Light This City shows.  San Francisco, Fresno, Anaheim, and Hollywood.  These should all be absolutely killer, and we expect all our west coast fans to be there!  We will play a good amount of “Stormchaser” songs as well as all the bangers from “Facing the Thousand” and “Remains of the Gods”.  Since we didn’t play any shows in support of “Stormchaser”, this will be the best chance for all of you metalheads in California to come rage with us while we bust out these songs!  Hope to see you all there!!

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Dan Spiteri is the owner and main shenanigan distributor of Bay Area Metal Scene. When he's not blasting his hearing into oblivion, you can find him doing "outdoorsy" stuff like skiing, bike riding and drinking cheap beer.

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