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The Tidal Wave 12 (FREE 2-day outdoor metal concert in S.F.) is BACK!! (final update 7.28.2010)

YES!!!!!  CONFIRMED, The Tidal Wave (a FREE 2-day outdoor metal concert in San Francisco) is coming back! This is the big news we have been waiting for.   (final update 7.28.2010 – link  to videos from the show at bottom of post)

The Tidal Wave 12 is Saturday & Sunday July 24 & 25,  2010 Noon-6pm @ McLaren Park Amphitheater, S.F. (a.k.a. Jerry Garcia Amphitheater).

This is a daytime event, Noon-6pm both days (Saturday & Sunday).  Yes, it actually starts at Noon, due to a very tight schedule, ends by 6pm both days, usually about 7 good metal bands each day.

(7.20.2010 updated):  Featuring:

SAT:  Near Life, Desecrater, Abysmal Dawn, Giant Squid, Stone Vengeance, Anvil Chorus, RAVEN.
Sun:  Go Like This, My Victim, Blind Illusion, Witchaven, Vastum, Elk, Amber Asylum.

Did i mention it’s FREE?

Of course a few details might change between now and the show.  But MARK YOUR CALENDARS for July 24 and July 25, 2010.

In the meantime, some additional links:

The Tidal Wave – official site HERE.

The Tidal Wave facebook page

The Tidal Wave Myspace page

Of these the facebook page is generally the most recently & frequently updated (although as time goes on the official site will also be best for certain info).

More info after the jump…

Updated flier as of 7.20.2010:

Tidal Wave 12 - current flier for 2010

Tidal Wave 12 - current flier for 2010

The Tidal Wave logo

The Tidal Wave logo

In the meantime, for those that have never gone to one, The Tidal Wave 12 is back at the same Amphitheater in McLaren Park (San Francisco) that it has been for several years (a.k.a. Jerry Garcia Amphitheater).

This is clear across town from most free concerts, those usually end up in Golden Gate park.  McLaren Park is in the southeast quadrant of the city.  The amphitheater is built into a fairly steep hillside.  The stage is located at the bottom of the hillside to the east side; the seating area is up the hill towards the west; there is even a big lawn area behind that.  This means that early in the show the sun will be off to your right (when viewing the stage); later in the afternoon the sun tends to be behind you.  There is a wide, but very narrow pit in front of the stage.

Bring sunblock.    Bring a jacket.

Weather in San Francisco is notoriously hard to predict in July. You might need both a jacket and sunblock. You should probably bring your favorite food, although there is usually a snack truck nearby, plus water fountain and restrooms; no ATM though, so bring some cash if only for snacks and/or merch. The merch (t-shirts, etc.) is usually dirt cheap, not like at the big coliseums!   Prepare for a long day. Errr, make that prepare for a long two days  :)

No camping, you gotta go somewhere between the two days.  Parking is free and usually not too hard to find… but because it is a park in San Francisco, make very sure to keep ALL 4 tires of your vehicle on pavement; if you park on one blade of grass you might just get a parking ticket.  Public transit can always get you pretty close, if you prefer (hint: try the 511 Trip-Planner for routes & schedules).

This will not be a show to miss!  Last time (2 years ago) they had Exodus, Hirax, Ludicra and almost a dozen other great metal bands.  If you miss this year’s show, then go crawl into a hole somewhere and weep for the next year or so.

Exodus at The Tidal Wave (2008)

Exodus at The Tidal Wave (in 2008) -- picture courtesy of The Tidal Wave's facebook profile

Did i mention it’s FREE?

Hirax at Tidal Wave 2008

Hirax performing at Tidal Wave 2008

UPDATES (as they trickle in):

As of 5.4.2010:

They have found someone to make their poster for this year’s event.

As of 5.11.2010

“show is booked up to this point”

As of 5.21.2010:

So… is now official…..Possessed is NOT playing Tidal Wave so we are still looking for a headliner for sunday…….our back up plan- PRONG…….. stay tuned

Sat/Sun schedule (replaced with more recent update below)…

And here are profiles for the bands:

The profile pages above for most of the bands have links to their playlists, a VERY GOOD resource to see what they sound like if you are not already familiar with a particular band.   Check them out.

And the Amphitheater’s profile page (including a blog entry with very good directions):

As of 5.24.2010:

The event is still free, although they are now saying:

This year the first 8 Rows of the amphitheatre will be for sale [basically a "V.I.P." area] – to off-set the cost of TIDAL WAVE…..Tickets [for this V.I.P. area] will be 50 dollars a day or 80 bux for both days.”

Note, This ONLY applies to the first 8 rows of the permanent seating area (the rest is still free!); …the PIT (in the front) and all of the “seats” above the 8th row on upwards, as well as the lawn area (in the back) are all still FREE. Guess the economy is still taking something of a toll, but at least the event is happening this year (unlike last).

As of 5.28.2010:

“The first “official” Tidal Wave planning meeting will be at muddy waters coffee house in the mission this Sunday (5.30.2010) at 2pm……

Please forward this to as many interested peeps as you can…

If you want input, or to volunteer, or the lowdown of the process, you’d best be there.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the cafe (where the planning meeting is taking place), it is located at 521 Valencia San Francisco, CA 94110 (between 16th & 17th)… [see next update for notes from the meeting].

As of 5.30.2010:

Planning meeting was very preliminary, but a few things might be of interest.  First, a slight schedule change:

SAT:  Near Life, Desecrater, Abysmal Dawn, Giant Squid, Stone Vengeance, Anvil Chorus, RAVEN

Sun:  Go Like This, OR3O, Witchaven, Vastum, Elk, Amber Asylum… (& if lucky, Prong)

Elk and Stone Vengeance appear to have traded days since last update.  And Prong is looking more and more likely as Sunday headliner (i am so totally keeping fingers crossed for that one).

If anyone knows a good source for donating items to be raffled off, or a company that wants to help sponsor the show in return for getting a banner hung over the stage, contact Tidal Wave through their Facebook page.

More info on the show will probably be available by middle of this week.  Preliminary fliers and maybe even some web updates should be on the way soon.  Unofficial rumor has it that one of the main web designers for the site broke her ankle at Maryland Death Fest :(     We wish her well!

Next planning meeting date not has not yet been set, but expect a Sunday afternoon perhaps in about 3-weeks or so… stay tuned.

As of 6.4.2010:

Added the preliminary flier, early on in post above (list bands and dates, etc.)

As of 6.7.2010:

Just a couple of minor updates, they now have a backside to the flier (shown up above). They say that they

“will have [fliers] ready by Saturday….just in time for the Haight street fair”

They also announced “JK Sound……the Official Tidal Wave Sound company”

As of 6.13.2010: site just went live for this year’s event :) click on the “Enter” at bottom of page; lots of links inside up top.

Looks like a slightly newer version of the flier…

As of 6.14.2010:

Blind Illusion is replacing OR3O for Sunday; also looks like Prong is very probable now for headlining Sunday (still keeping fingers crossed on this one).

As of 7.8.2010:

Looks like Prong is no longer on the bill *sniff*.  A replacement will be found to headline Sunday.

Also new flier (above); flier does not yet reflect Prong dropping off of Sunday, newer flier will be posted when available.

Also, new sponsorship information available (here) for those who wish to help defray the costs or for those who wish to hang a banner on the stage behind the bands.

As of 7.20.2010:

My Victim has been added for Sunday (playing 2nd).

Set times are as follows (with first band starting promptly at Noon each day):

1st band  = 12.noon-12:30
2nd  = 12:50 – 1:20
3rd  = 1:35 -2:05
4th  = 2:20 – 2:50
5th  = 3:05 – 3:35
6th  = 3:50 – 4:30
7th  = 4:45 – until… (but live sound off by 6pm!)

As of 7.24.2010 (just after first day of festival):

Misc notes from first day’s show (earlier today):  Wow… this was a killer day. Everyone was having a good time!

Bands started *almost* on time (12:15?), show ran over a little (past 6:30?).

They only held one or two rows for V.I.P. seating, so *most* of the permanent seating was completely open, first-come first serve (they did not have to hold the full 8 rows they thought they might, so they released the rest).

Today’s Weather was typical for July in S.F., foggy & breezy till well past Noon, then some sun from maybe 2pm till 4pm(?) got a little bit sunburnt, then it got foggy again by 4 or 5 (and breezy still); upper 50’s when foggy, to mid-60’s-ish when sunny.  Sunday’s weather is supposed to be similar, perhaps a couple degrees cooler, but perhaps slightly sunnier… yeah right :)

Bring sunblock and bring a jacket (!)

Food trucks had for sale some pulled pork sandwiches, various sausages, tacos, etc. (plus soft drinks). Raffle tickets you could buy gave you a chance for Thrasher shwag bags, Amoeba bags, they even had a nice guitar in the raffle. Tidal wave t-shits, and some other vendors with booths where you could buy stuff.  Did not see any ATM’s though.  Even the restrooms weren’t in too bad  a shape for a big metal show (but bring a couple extra napkins, just in case).

Even parking wasn’t too bad (though better, of course, if you got there early).  Bay bridge traffic was icky, always a crapshoot.

Now if you will excuse me, it is time to set the alarm for tomorrow morning… Hope to see you there tomorrow   –roseman :)

7.28.2010 (final update; link to videos of show):

I have now got videos of all 14 bands in above post, as of 7.31.2010  :)

Written by roseman

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576 Responses to "The Tidal Wave 12 (FREE 2-day outdoor metal concert in S.F.) is BACK!! (final update 7.28.2010)"

  1. P. Geeze P. Geeze says:

    Dis gonna be a killer weekend — just spent two hours with the links you posted and, really, both days look to be hell-bent — the $80 up-front seats to a free festival sounds like a non-starter, but whadda i know — Tidal Wave’s the BEST fest of the year, any year it happens, and i hope Tonus and crew find a way to break even or close-to — speaking of which, why isn’t Jagermiester footing the bill for this thing — it’d be a bare beep on their ad budget, and crusty Metalheads are their peeps! — but i digress — point is, fanx for the firsthand insight into bay area underground events and the updates on Tidal Wave — yo! –

  2. roseman roseman says:

    P.Geeze, apparently the reason the big “J” isn’t footing the bill is that they would insist on bringing in their own bands; they would want to make it “their” show. Many things may be negotiable, but NOT the lineup.

  3. GoingDeaf? GoingDeaf? says:

    This is gonna be a ton of fun. I’ll definitely be there. I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed for Prong…. that’s one band I always loved that I’ve never had the opportunity to see. It’ll be a great weekend regardless….

  4. Sky Sky says:

    This is gonna be frickin’ sweet.

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