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Bay Area Metal Scene » Live Music » Bootlegs: Devil Driver / Suffocation / Goatwhore

Bootlegs: Devil Driver / Suffocation / Goatwhore

Friday night metal! Last night was some epic times my friends. Not just because of the bands playing, but epic because there were so many of you fine folks out enjoying themselves. Epic because you all most likely had a chance to meet each of the bands between sets and after the show, and perhaps you even talked with the gents from Machine Head or High on Fire. These crappy bootlegs don’t do the night justice, but they do capture a little bit of the feeling. Enjoy!

While you’re at it, be sure and check out this interview Dez gave last night to the Hard Rock Chick!

More bootlegs from dogtired75:

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6 Responses to "Bootlegs: Devil Driver / Suffocation / Goatwhore"

  1. [...] has the exact same name as me….weird! Anyway, great set- below is a clip from HRC friend Dan with Bay Area Metal Scene, who was also in the house that [...]

  2. Ryan Ryan says:

    Such a great show, Suffocation destroyed.

  3. DS DS says:

    I was way impressed with Suffocation. I “unofficially” interviewed their vocalist, Frank Mullen, after their set. He was cool as hell. He said that he could tell right away from the beginning of this tour that it would be great. That, and the fact that he loved playing in SF.

  4. Ryan Ryan says:

    Great, hopefully that means they’ll be back soon. Frank really sounded in the zone on Friday, and it was great being there while they tore the place up.